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Welcome to the online home of Donald Mammoser Photography. I am a professional photographer with over 14 years of experience. Long ago, I made a pact with myself to never work a job I didn’t love... and now...I am living this simple dream.

I bring a true passion for photography and great enthusiasm for what I do to every photo assignment, course, and workshop that I am involved in. Join one of my courses, come with me on a workshop, or hire me for your next photo project and see my passion for photography, and for travel of all kinds.   

My photography philosophy is  photograph the positive aspects of people,  nature and wildlife.   In addition to this, my goal as a teacher and workshop leader is to pass on all that I know about photography and the wonders of this World  to others.

Welcome to My Online Home!

Legal Disclaimer:  All images on this website are the sole property of Donald Mammoser.  All images are copyrighted by Donald Mammoser and may not be used for any purpose in any manner without permission from Donald Mammoser.  If there is an image on this website which is of interest to you for publishing and/or printing needs, please contact me to discuss pricing and usage rights. 


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