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Don’s tours specialize in hands-on learning of photography. I’ll take you to amazing locations and I’ll help you get the best photos possible while enjoying nature, wildlife, and travel.

Don's Nature & Wildlife Photography Tours

“I strive to photograph the positive aspects of nature, wildlife and travel locations. My goal, as a teacher and photo tour/workshop leader, is to pass on as much of my knowledge as possible about photography and the wonders of this world to others. I love to help others learn nature and wildlife photography.” - Don Mammoser

I'm proud of my 92% repeat client rate. But don't take my word for the quality of my tours - read the reviews.

Upcoming Guided Nature & Wildlife Photo Tours

Guided Photo Tours 2025

Florida birds photo tour

Florida Birds & Wildlife Photo Tour

February 27- March 4, 2025

Florida Guided Photo Tour - Client Feedback...

"This is my second photography trip with Don. You couldn’t ask for more in a trip leader. Don gives everyone one-on-one attention. No questions go unanswered. Don made every effort to help each person get the shots they wanted. He is very knowledgeable in all cameras and camera settings. He was intimately familiar with the areas we visited, as well as local bird behavior. He did all the research to make sure we got the best of the best in sunrise and sunset bird photos. Don’s enthusiasm to work with you and take photos is addicting. " - Melinda M.

2 Spaces Open

Pantanal Wildlife Guided Photo Tour

August 22 – Sept. 1, 2025

The Pantanal in Brazil is a wildlife photographer's Dream Location...

The Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetland and covers an area larger than the state of Texas. Most of it is located in Brazil. It is one of the most biologically rich environments on the planet and includes the highest concentration of Jaguar and Caiman in the world. On this tour we'll have a great chance to get close to Jaguars, Macaws, Tapirs, Giant Anteaters, Giant Otters, Kingfishers, Birds of Prey and much, much more.

6 Spaces Open

Colorado Fall Color Guided Photo Tour

October 1-6, 2025

Colorado Fall Color Guided Photo Tour - Client Feedback...

"Don couldn't have been more welcoming to the group for our Colorado Fall Color workshop last month. He made everyone feel welcome and comfortable, no matter what your skill level. Not only does he have great locations for shooting, but he is patient and takes time with everyone and checks in to see how you are doing and helps you in any way he can. His technique and style are great for all who desire to learn about landscape photography! I highly recommend Don as a workshop leader." - Terri B.

1 Space Open

Costa Rica Wildlife Guided Photo Tour

November 3-13, 2025

Costa Rica Guided Photo Tour - Client Feedback...

"I just returned from a Costa Rican adventure with Don Mammoser. Don planned a trip that was packed with events and exposed us not only to the birds of the region, but also to reptiles, insects, and fabulous landscapes. Don’s knowledge of the area, as well as his photographic expertise made this an unforgettable trip. I returned with great shots, but more importantly, had so much fun that I was sorry when the trip was over. You won’t find a more enthusiastic leader." - Kathleen O.

Costa Rica Wildlife Guided Photo Tour - Session II

November 13-22, 2025

Costa Rica Guided Photo Tour -Session II Information

For this second session in Costa Rica, I'm very excited to be partnering with wildlife photographer and greater Yellowstone ecosystem naturalist Evan Watts. Evan is an excellent young photographer and teacher. On this tour in Costa Rica, you'll have 2 seasoned pros to help lead you to the right places and to help get you the best bird and wildlife images possible. With a 4:1 participant to instructor ratio you'll learn a TON about how best to capture wildlife with whatever camera and lens you decide to bring. Join Evan Watts and I in one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth and be ready to photograph a lot and to have a ton of fun as well.

Guided Photo Tours 2026

Ecuador birds photography tour

Ecuador Birds & Wildlife Photo Tour

Next Possible Dates – November 2026

Ecuador Guided Photo Tour - Client Feedback...

"Went on Don's trip to photograph Hummingbirds and more. This was done in the rainforests of Ecuador. This trip was fantastic. We went to 2 wonderful lodges high in the tropical rainforest. We learned the skills necessary to photograph birds of all types. It was an intense experience with fantastic results. The images of these birds caught in flight are truly breathtaking. I plan on going with Don again in the future." -John B.


I know it can be daunting to sign-up for a new photography trip with someone new leading the way. I enjoy talking on the phone and answering emails. Call, email or text me anytime with any questions.