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On all of Don's nature & wildlife photography tours, you’ll be sure to make the most of your limited time in any given location. Why? Because you'll be traveling with a professional photography leader who knows where to go, when to be there, and who can help with any photography question. This way you can relax, have fun and get the best photos of your life. It’s as simple as that.

2023 Photography Tours

Venice and the Dolomites Photo experience


Venice & The Dolomites Italy Guided Photo Tour

September 21-30, 2023

The Dolomite Mountain Range of northern Italy is one of the most breathtaking photographic locations on the planet. Also known as the Italian Alps, the Dolomites are made up of seemingly endless craggy mountains and completely photogenic traditional villages nestled below. The entire area of the Dolomites is a UNESCO world heritage site that boasts hundreds of peaks and at least 20 which soar to almost 10,000 feet. Add in a plethora of easily accessed mountain lakes which reflect the impressive mountains and you have yourself the recipe for perfect scenic photography. Venice is a city like no other. Everything here floats, appears to float, or rides on water. Venice has no roads, no cars and no motorbikes. Everyone and everything gets around by boat. We’ll travel through both of these areas on this tour.  Join my guided photography tour and capture it all!


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Colorado Fall Color Guided Photo Tour

October 4-9, 2023

The fall color in Colorado has to be experienced to be believed. Yellow aspen trees turn entire hillsides to gold. The deepest blue skies you can imagine compete for attention with jagged, snowcapped peaks. The colors, shapes and patterns are as awesome and as beautiful as nature gets. The mountains and natural areas we’ll visit are some of the most spectacular locations on Earth, and when you add in the amazing colors of autumn you won’t find a better place to be with a camera during the fall season. Join my guided photography tour and capture it all!


Green River Canoe & Camping Aventure Photo Tour

October 9-15, 2023

This is an all-new outdoor photography adventure – canoeing and photographing on the Green River in Utah. Imagine floating gently down a scenic western river with sculpted red-rock canyon walls rising hundreds of feet above you. Imagine watching the sunrise and sunset every day surrounded only by the gentle river, the canyon walls, and the magic light of the area. At night, we’ll settle down in our tents, under a billion stars. On this trip we’ll find and photograph true nature and we’ll be immersed in the river ecosystem for five wonderful days that you’ll hope will never end.  Meals, all equipment, and 6 nights lodging included (2 hotel nights, 4 nights in comfortable tents).


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Ecuador Birds & Wildlife Guided Photo Safari

November 2-11, 2023

Ecuador is one of only 17 MEGADIVERSE countries in the world. What that means is that Ecuador contains a huge number of species compared to most other places on earth. This small South American country can boast over 1600 bird species including an incredible 130 species of hummingbirds. We’ll concentrate on photographing birds of all types on this tour while staying at exclusive wilderness lodges where the wildlife action is non-stop. We’ll have access to, and learn how to use, multi-flash set-ups for hummingbirds – all equipment provided. Plus we’ll photograph tons of other species of birds and mammals as well as insects, flowers and anything else that we find. We’ll spend time with professional nature guides who will lead us right to the birds and animals and we’ll sleep and eat all meals at wonderful eco-lodges the entire time. Join this photography tour and capture it all!



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Florida Birds & Wildlife Guided Photo Tour Experience

February 15-20, 2024

The birdlife in Florida is simply awesome. The birds are big, friendly and full of color. During the Spring breeding and nesting season, many spectacular species concentrate on nest building, attracting members of the opposite sex, and feeding their young and thus they ignore people. This allows us photographers to GET CLOSE – which is a great thing when it comes to photographing birds. We’ll point our cameras at a variety of herons, egrets, storks, ibis, terns and other wildlife as we tour the best bird places on Florida’s east coast. We’ll photograph the AWESOME feeding frenzy of Osprey and various Terns diving for fish after fish. Join my guided photography tour and capture it all!


Costa Rica 2024 Birds & Wildlife Guided Photo Tour Experience

March 1-11, 2024

The wildlife diversity of Costa Rica is well-known and stunning to behold. In a very small country (about the size of West Virginia) Costa Rica contains over 500,000 species of plant and animal. This small Central American country is considered to possess the highest density of biodiversity anywhere on Earth. There are over 400 reptile and amphibian species, 250 mammal species, thousands of butterfly and moth species and over 900 recorded bird species! And the opportunities we’ll have there as nature photographers will be unparalleled! Join my guided photography tour and capture it all!



Galapagos Islands Yacht-Based Tour & Guided Photography Experience

April 6-15, 2024

The isolated and stunning Galapagos Islands offer a unique experience unlike anyplace else. The wildlife displays must be seen to be believed – the animals have no innate fear of humans and simply go about their routines while ignoring people. The volcanic islands are remote and beautiful, the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. The crystal clear water is perfect for snorkeling amongst fish, turtles and sea lions. On this Galapagos Islands photo tour we’ll experience everything while living aboard a small (16 passenger) yacht as we cruise to the various islands and photograph along the way. 10 days/9 nights are included. Join my guided photography tour and capture it all!