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Costa Rica Photo Tour 2023 Trip Review and Summary

While some in the group had planned on arriving into Costa Rica a day early, the airlines had other ideas and ill-timed cancelled flights nixed that idea for several participants. When we all finally got together for our first meeting, everyone was happy and ready to find and photograph wildlife. During the next 10 days together we had the pleasure of visiting and staying at 4 different eco-lodges in Costa Rica. All had their own highlights, native wildlife, good food and endless photo potential. Jorge, our safe and courteous driver, navigated San Jose traffic and then the winding mountain roads expertly and always got us to our destination on time and in one piece. I’ll keep this summary brief and showcase some of my favorite images here. I’d also like to say thank you to the 7 of you who chose to go to Costa Rica on my tour. You made it fun and memorable….now… do you think this sloth understands me?